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From: Damen S
Subject: Gay/Encounters/Health Check UpThis is a work of fiction; the characters are not necessarily a depiction
of anyone alive or dead. If by some chance you stumble across this story
and not know what is about, it is an erotic story involving consenting
males involved in graphic sexual acts. If it is illegal for you to digest
this material, please leave this story immediately.If you enjoy this story, develop a hard on and wank it well, good for
you, the cock is too beautiful to be locked away in a pair of pants. Have
fun guys!
As part of our medical scheme at my job we are subjected to partake in a
physical from our doctors each year to qualify for reduced premiums. The
time had come for me to front up for one of these examinations; I had no
problems with this at all as I was a fit healthy guy. I arrived at my
appointment on time to find that my regular doctor was away today & I
would have to see his partner, who although I had heard a lot about, I
had never met.This doctor was the object of many a fluttering heart, around the same
age as myself 35; he too was an athletic guy heavily into his cycling
(something we have in common). My best friend at the time came home and
rabbited on to another friend one day about this hunky new doctor who had
the most amazing eyes and tight butt! I guess I was about to find out."Doctor will see you now" came from the reception desk, I picked up my
laptop and wandered down the corridor.I was greeted at the door to the room by what I can only describe as a
walking wet dream!"Damen, pleased to meet you, I am Ian, come on in""Ah, um Gid-day" I said & reached out my hand to grasp his in a firm
handshake. His hand was warm and dry (I can't stand clammy hands) and
his grip firm but not bone crushing. He ushered me inside and sat me
down. Quickly we went over my medical history, his words became a distant
mumble as I started to realise what these women were on about. This guy
was definite hunk material.Suddenly I became aware of a silence and quickly pulled myself together,
"Um, sorry, what was that?" I asked. He repeated his question, which was
related to my position at the Gym and my general state of health, which
was excellent.He then said, "Your mind is elsewhere I see", I apologised and staring
into those wonderful blue green eyes lied my tits off and made up some
lame excuse about a problem at work. Then said "ok you have my full
attention now" what can I do for you now, he replied "Lose the shirt and
drop the pants would be a good start""Pardon me" I replied"Well I cant check you over fully dressed can I" he retorted with a big
grin on his face.Well I must have blushed at my stupidity, what the hell was wrong with me
I thought to myself. I quickly stripped off to my briefs and somehow
managed to get my dignity back into place!Ian asked me to hop onto the examination table, he then started to check
out the glands in my neck, and generally poked and prodded my torso front
and back, then he warmed his stethoscope and listened to my breathing,
took my blood pressure and all that sort of crap. By now his friendly
joking manner had put me at ease, I was feeling a lot more relaxed as he
chatted away generally about cycling, gyms etc.Next he reached across and grabbed a latex glove, he must have seen the
panic cross my face, laughing, he said "Don't panic, prostate checks are
done by blood these days, & anyway you are to young to worry about that
sort of thing yet". Relief must of crossed my dial and I smiled then he
said "However I would like to take a look at your testicles, with all
that bike riding you do it always pays to be sure"!"Why Ian", I said, "I hardly know you"He grinned and said "Well after this I am going to know you a lot better
aren't I"I lifted my butt of the exam table and slid my briefs down, " Ian said,
"Um Damen I will get you a cover"I replied "it's ok doc, I am not shy, besides I don't need to be
embarrassed around you do I?""Well No, You certainly don't have anything to be embarrassed about
here" he said taking my balls gently in his hand, rolling one gently
around in his Naked Preteen Girls hand.As he was doing this I felt my cock begin Naked Preteen Girls
to stir, I then said, "Um Ian,
I think I might need that blanket", but before I had finished those words
my cock had started to thicken and harden, panic once again started to
cross my face. "Well I see we don't have any problems with erections, do
we? I am nearly finished and hell it happens to us all, as Naked Preteen Girls
long as you
can cope I am ok with it""Ok but I ain't responsible for that alright" He smiled that cute as a
button smile as his eyes glistened in laughter, "No mate I have to claim
responsibility for that, after all, I am the one feeling your nuts huh!"I Naked Preteen Girls remember thinking dude, if only you were into guys, you could feel more
than my nuts.He quickly finished the exam and said "Ok mate you can put the weapon
away now, impressive as it is, Naked Preteen Girls it could become an issue for health and
safety, it could do Naked Preteen Girls serious damage in that state"! We laughed and I got
dressed, the consultation finished and on the way out the door I thanked
him for the check up, he winked at me and said "my pleasure" I thought no
more of itTime went by and the only thoughts I really had about the doc was in the
occasional j/off fantasy that came to mind about him taking the
examination further by offering a helping hand.Then one night I was at the local cruise club in the vain hope that there
might be a hottie there that might want some fun, instead of those who
take out their false teeth to give you a BJ. This place was nothing
fantastic, a video room, maze, glory holes, dark room and a couple of
secure rooms complete with a narrow bed. As I said it was not the Ritz
but let's face it we were all there for one reason, and that was Naked Preteen Girls to blow
our nut! Well after a couple of hours or talking to friends and avoiding
the wrinklies, I decided it was time to make a move and go home, I would
throw a video in and whack off in front of the TV. As I asked for my
wallet and keys from the counter the door buzzed to admit another punter,
in a vain hope I looked up to see who was gaining entrance.It was Ian, dressed in a pair of well-worn pale jeans that somehow drew
your focus to the bulge in the front of them, a white T and leather Bike
jacket. A look of surprise crossed his face then that cute as a button
grin spread across his dial. "Well well well, this is a pleasant
surprise, what are you doing here " he said!"Duh" I replied, "I was shopping for curtains, what do you think?"Ian laughed and said, "Find any, cause I Naked Preteen Girls know where the pole is" looking
at my crotch"Funny man" I said, then leaned closer & I quietly said, they are either
old or ugly in here tonight"Then he said "not all of them obviously"I grinned a shit-eating grin back at him and said, "Doc are there not
rules about fraternizing with your patients?"Then he said, "Ah but you are Johns patient, not mine" and lightly
brushed my bulging jean covered crotch.I said "Careful Doc you don't have that doctor's stethoscope to hide
behind now"He replied, "I am all yours, I'm not hiding"His hand again made Naked Preteen Girls it to my crotch this time it stayed there and gently
squeezed, my cock started to harden, I looked into those lovely eyes and
was lost in an instant. We kissed, and stroked each other, we drew
together and our bodies touched full length. His lips were so soft, his
breath sweet and fresh; those perfect white teeth so smooth against my
tongue, his tongue so dominant against my own. Coming up for air we
realised we were starting to draw a crowd, we decided to move to a less
conspicuous place down the darkened corridor.Words seemed to be a total waste of breath, this guy kissed like no
other, he really got into it, in fact I think that we could have carried
on for hours just kissing. But we got sick of guys walking past and
stroking our asses and trying to join in. I asked Ian; "shall we go to a
room?" he looked a little dubious about it, I then suggested "would you
like to come home with me instead?" He agreed to that, we got our things
and left. He followed me home on his motor bike and pulled up behind me,
I opened the garage so we could put both vehicles inside. As the
tilt-a-door came down I found his lips searching for mine again, his
hands caressing my back and pulling me closer.As our bodies pressed together I could feel the hardness of his crotch
pushing against my own, in instinct I pushed back, a moan escaped his
mouth. His hands moved up and he began to undo the buttons of my shirt,
his nimble fingers made quick work of them and before long my shirt was
on the floor. His jacket and T-shirt soon followed, and bare chest to
bare chest we resumed our kissing. Our cocks still rubbing each other
through our jeans, mine was becoming painfully hard and Naked Preteen Girls leaking badly,
soaking my briefs & jeans.I found myself being steered back towards his car with the backs of my
legs being pressed against the hood; Ian's hands now began exploring my
denim-clad ass, which brought a moan from my lips. Soon he began undoing
my belt, then he pulled away and turned me so I was facing away from him,
he dropped my jeans and briefs with one swift movement, then with his
hand on my back pushed me so I was bent over the hood of the car. Then
taking his place behind me and started kissing and worshiping my butt, oh
he was wonderful, his tongue and lips found all the right places and
before long I had kicked off my shoes and jeans and had myself completely
open to him.He then said, "oh my god, you are even more beautiful than I remembered
and while unzipping his jeans he again bent down to devour my waiting
hole. His tongue was making deft flicking movements across then up and
down my puckered opening, driving me wild with lust, my own hand found my
hard rod and started slowly stroking it, enjoying each flick of his
tongue. Then he started to penetrate me with firstly his tongue then his
finger, he drove that finger in deep, it felt so good, then he found my
magic button and started to massage it. It was about then I knew I wanted
this doctor's prick deep inside me, only problem was I had no idea what
sized weapon he was packing.I heard the sound of a foil pack being opened and knew what was about to
come, after a few seconds he pressed the hot head of his cock at the
entrance to my slippery musty hole and he breathed in my ear "ready". In
reply I pushed back against him so his cock head began to enter me, it
hurt, but I was well & truly on heat now, nothing was going to stop this,
I gritted my teeth as the assault continued. I felt the rim of his fat
cock head push into my hot little hole; he held it there for a few
moments and slowly fed me more of his (what felt like fence pole sized)
throbbing meat. God my ass felt like it was going to rip open it was that
full of cock."Oh baby, you are so tight he said" as he fed me another inch "and so
hot"All I was capable of replying was a grunt, the pain started to lessen a
little as my hole started to stretch, I needed more so I pushed back
again, more of that magnificent cock slid home.Ian then stopped pushing and drew back a little, then pushed it in again."Ohhhh Yeah" escaped from my lipsAgain he pulled out and pushed it inAnd againAnd again, each time pulling just a little further out & pushing it a
little further in.My eyes were honestly rolling up in my head with pleasure, I had been
fucked before, but this was truly something special.The tempo began to build and his thrusting became heavier and deeper, the
sounds of sex and two men in bliss seemed to reverberate around the
garage. Ian had pushed me down against the hood of the car so my head and
chest were resting against the warmth; my ass hole however was hotter
than the motor. I was on fire down there, sure I had loosened up some,
but that was still a big cock pounding my innards. Ian's thrusts
stopped, he pulled out and asked me to turn over, so I was lying on my
back on the car hood, he lifted my legs and entered me again. This time
his thrust was a long deep one I could feel the tickle of his pubes
against my ass cheeks.My cock was raging; I propped myself up on one elbow and with my other
hand started to give it some attention while watching the show. It was
now I actually saw the monster that was battering my innards. Ian's
prick was by far the biggest cock I had ever had up my ass, in fact if I
had seen it prior to this, there is no way in the world I would have let
him near me. I would have guessed it would have been at least 9 inches
long and nearly as fat as a coke can. My concentration wandered as I
received another hard thrust, "like that don't you" Ian said."Fuck Yeah" I replied "fuck me big boy, make Naked Preteen Girls me nut man"With that I lay back down pulled my knees even further back and became
lost in the fuck.Bam bam bam, Ian's hips were now really pounding my ass (mental note, I
will have bruises there I thought)The sweat was glistening on his lightly furred chest, his eyes were
closed in concentration, suddenly re stopped thrusting and pulled out,
grasping the base of his swollen red cock, so as not to cum. I reached
down to feel my hole gaping and hotter than ever before, my raging cock
had slimed my stomach with a mass of clear precum, I scooped up some on
my fingers, I heard Ian groan and then take up position between my legs.I said "now guy, fuck me hard baby, I want you to nut inside me"With that he pushed his way into me again, this time he got at least half
of it in with the single push."Oh Fuck Yeah" was hissed out between my lips, "That's it, Fuck Me"And fuck me was what happened then, his hips thrust hard and deep, the
feeling of that big fat cock sliding in and out of my guts was so
intense, I lost all thought of anything else. It was Naked Preteen Girls
as if all that
mattered in the world was this moment.I felt Ian harden even more, I could feel the difference in girth and
length too, He was about to shoot the load of all loads, trying as hard
as I could to tighten my ass even more, I heard Ian splutter " Oh, Sweet
Jesus" he slowed his thrusting and with a loud groan shuddered and his
throbbing fuck meat began to spasm. I felt jolt after jolt run through
his body, I grabbed my cock and with a few strokes I began to empty my
own load all over my chest. With each spurt of my cock, my ass contracted
around Ian's still hard as a rock very sensitive prick, milking every
last drop Naked Preteen Girls
of his juice.As we started to come down from the euphoria of an awesome orgasm Ian
collapsed Naked Preteen Girls on my chest. "You are one awesomely hot fuck" he grinned.I replied "cheers dude, not bad yourself"Breaking into a chuckle slowly he started to soften and my ass
involuntarily expelled him, his massive cock slapping against his thigh.
Disappointment shot through my whole body, my ass felt suddenly so very
empty. Ian then reached down and pulled off the cum filled condom off his
spent cock, as if weighing the thing in his hand he looked at it & said
to me "that is some load you coaxed from me, smiling at him I pointed to
his and my cum covered chest, "I know the feeling".
To be continued...
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